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Customer Care Statement

My Customer Care Policy is based on my belief that all of my clients have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy. My aim is to provide a high level of service quality that shows I care. I am motivated to make a commitment to work together with my clients and provide a service strategy that ensures a pleasant experience with my customers.


I deeply care about providing exceptional service, and giving the best value for the money to my clients. As part of that commitment I will continue to develop and define ways in which I can provide the best delivery, and to ensure that the overall outcome is what my clients want and expect.


I always try to get things right the first time, but if I happen to get it wrong I want my clients to feel comfortable about discussing any issues that may arise. This helps to stop any miscommunication and gives me better insight into understanding my client's needs, and the opportunity to make things right as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Building long term excellent relationships with my clients and collectors is in my vision to become the an artist with happy and satisfied collectors. To this end, I will always strive to improve my customer care, and keep our customers happy, satisfied and loyal.


Your privacy is of the highest importance to Christina Wedberg Studio. I will never sell your information with anyone. 


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